TMAFRICA: Important Notice for 2016

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A Happy 2016 to you!
We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey since the September of 2012 and to thank you for following us and being part of our big family of changemakers.
If you took notice, we decided to take a major break since the second-half of 2015 to focus on restructuring TMAFRICA and making it what it ought to be. We also, during this time, started working on our new website which we plan on launching soon.
However, while 2016 has already begun, we want to call your attention to our focus this year as we finalise our restructuring process for TMAFRICA for the better. For the bulk of 2016, we want to focus on youth advocacy and research. We want to tell the stories of third millennium Africans authoritatively with the aim of reaching a larger audience and addressing the challenges facing African millennials in general. Due to this, we have decided to suspend our monthly “Spotlight Talks” initiative in order to focus our attention on other important components of our vision for 2016.
It is our aim to lead Africa’s millennia transition, and as a result we are ever determined to seek innovative ways that will give visibility to the work of third millennium Africans and changemakers in Africa who are solving urban and rural problems within their communities.
We therefore want to invite you to join us this year as we improve on the work we’ve started and expand on the progressive stories of a third millennium Africa.
Once again, a Happy New Year! May it be a great year for us all!!

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