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TMAFRICA: Important Notice for 2016
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A Happy 2016 to you! We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey since the September of 2012 and to thank you for following us and being part of our big family of changemakers. If you took notice, we decided to take a major break since the second-half of 2015 to focus on restructuring TMAFRICA and making it what it ought to be. We also, during this time, started working on our new website which we plan on

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Mauritian Barhka Mossae Talks about Her Project #SeeingBlue and Her Passion for Ocean Resource management and Sustainable Development in Mauritius
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  We had the chance to catch up with Barhka Mossae, our Third Millennium Africa Spotlight for the month of June 2015. Barhka is being recognized for her contribution to sustainable development in Mauritius through her project #SeeingBlue - an ocean resource management advocacy group. Barhka also works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mauritius advocating for Environmental Diplomacy.  We are excited to have this brillant change-maker as

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Join TMAFRICA for An Evening with our Changemaker and 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Victor Ochen

 PRESS RELEASE    2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Forbes’ Top 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa Third Millennium Africa Changemaker Founder and Director of African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) Please join us in celebrating the work and achievements of Victor Ochen and AYINET. Victor, a young change-maker, is the Founder & Executive Director of the African Youth Initiative Network, in Uganda. In 2015, the American Friends Service Committee

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Founders of the First Black-owned Online TV Network in South Africa Share their Passion for telling their own Local Stories, the African way
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  We were excited to hear the great work that Tebogo Mogale (28) and Sammy Rabolele (29) are doing in South Africa through their Beyond The Eyes online TV network project, which appears to be the first black owned online TV network in South Africa. We decided to spotlight their start-up project and showcase Tebogo and Mogale as our May 2015 third millennium Africans  for their passion and commitment to  sharing their own authentic stories,

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Victor Ochen: 3 reasons we endorse the youngest African to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize Award
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We are excited to join the rest of Africa and the world to endorse Mr Victor Ochen and African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Award. Aside from being one of the change-makers on our network, we have had the privilege of interacting with Victor and sharing in his dream of a third millennium Africa: “an Africa of peace and security”. Victor and his African Youth Initiative Network team have proven through their

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20 Year-Old CEO Winifred Selby Speaks About Her Start-up Project and Her Dream of “an Africa that Adds Value to What it Has”
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  Recently, we had the chance to catch up with our March 2015 third millennium African in the person of Winifred Selby on Spotlight Talks. Winifred is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and a change-maker who started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15. She is the co-founder and CEO of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, and Afrocentric Bamboo Limited. Indeed, she is evidence that entrepreneurs are born and not made. We loud this inspiring lady

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Youths, Political Engagements and 2015 Elections in Nigeria

  With determination to collect my permanent voter’s card, I joined other Nigerians in the ‘struggle’ at the gateway of a local office of the Independent Electoral Commission. A censorious consideration of the crowd that very day shows that the bulk of the PVCs thirsting Nigerians are youths. Reportedly, about 70% (119 million) of Nigeria’s population (170 million plus) are youths – evidently, this is huge. Therefore, the youths occupy

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Thobile Mushwana of Dental Marathon Talks About His Passion for Dental Health
Thobile Feb 2015

  We had the chance to connect with our Third Millennium African for the month of February 2015, in the person of Thobile Mushwana, a dental health enthusiast and founder of Dental Marathon as he talks about his passion for dental health in Africa. Below are excerpts of our interview with him. Please tell us about yourself and the idea behind Dental Marathon I am the founder of Uncommon Business. Uncommon Business is the holding company which

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Spotlight Talks With Environmentalist, Ajiroba Daniel Who Emerged As Our November Third Millennium African of the Month
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  We caught up with our November spotlight, Oladipupo Daniel Ajiroba on Spotlight Talks for his advocacy and leadership as a young African environmentalist and climate change activist. Currently, Daniel is an exchange participant at EarthCorps in the United States, and is the founder of The Environmental Advocacy/ Management Initiative (TEAM) in Nigeria. An avid leader, Daniel is a member of the Global Youth Innovation Network, a One

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African Spotlight, Victor Ochen talks about his advocacy for reconciliation and transitional justice for war victims in a post-war Uganda
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We caught up with our October spotlight, Victor OCHEN who is the founder and Director of the African Youth Initiative Network in Uganda, as he talks about his dream of an Africa of peace and security. Victor believes that peace and reconciliation have not been possible in the continent. In his interview, he directs our attention on the prospects for a politically reconciled Africa. Given that until the continent focuses on peace, even the enormous

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