Our People

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Third Millennium Africa Project  is led by a group of dedicated professionals in non-profit management.

They direct a group of highly passionate Third Millennium Africans who between them have rock-solid ideas for Africa’s pro-people, pro-democracy, and pro-development agenda and more.

Victor Counted

Victor Counted 
Co-founder &  Project Leader

Victor is the co-founder and Project Leader   of the Third Millennium Africa Project. Victor exhibits an unwavering commitment for impacting personal and social change with an interest in examining the practices and cultures associated with differences between “developed” and “developing” societies, and its intersections with religion and culture. Victor received his   MPhil Religion and Culture from Stellenbosch University and also serves as a Research Associate with PRACTMAUS at Stellenbosch University. As a researcher and educator, Victor uses philosophical theology to examine scientific, social and psychological paradigms of wellbeing, spirituality, and leadership among the millennial generation in order to leverage their fundamental features in developing healthy and vibrant solutions for Africa, the church and society.


Joyce Arawole
Co-founder & Director of Special Initiatives 

Joyce is the Principal Consultant of CAPACITY HR and specializes in organizational design and human capital management. In her role as the co-founder and Director of Special Initiatives, she is responsible for implementing capacity building initiatives and future development programs. In conjunction with the Project Leader, she acts as a representative and ambassador to the organization’s constituents to promote positive relationships and strong partnerships.  Joyce is considered a change agent passionate about the development of people, organizations and the progression of emerging nations. She currently holds a Master’s in Human Organizational Learning from George Washington University, a Master’s in Management of Human Services and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Michigan.


Dr. J.R. Miller
Advisor, Education & Instructional Technology  

Dr. Joe (J.R.) Miller is currently a professor in Southern California teaching a variety of courses in Technology and Leadership.  As the Tech Advisor to TMAfrica, Joe is in-charge of developing and overseeing our media development. Joe has a diverse educational background earning his B.A.E from the Pennsylvania State University, Masters from Oral Roberts University, and his Doctoral studies from Biola University. Dr. Miller’s overwhelming passion for millennials has led him to develop hundreds of leadership videos to inspire a new way of learning using technology. Joe has several years of leadership experience and has authored multiple books on leadership, and most recently a devotional for building teams entitled, “More Than Cake.”


Dr. Olaniyi Fawole
Advisor,  Agri-business  & Training 

Niyi is a post-doc fellow with the Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stellenbosch University. With a PhD in Agriculture, Dr Fawole is privileged to be one of the pioneer researchers on pomegranate fruit cultivated in various agro-climates in South Africa. Niyi oversees our Education and Training programs at TMAfrica


Guenther Hess
Advisor,  Fundraising & Finance

With an experience spanning over two decades as a financial consultant with KPMG Berlin, Guenther is committed to strengthening the financial base of the organization as our fundraising personnel. He is passionate about Africa and supporting young African leaders.


Salim Magashi 
Advisor,  Legal

Salim is a Lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Law at the Amadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria, and also pursuing his PhD in Development Law at Stellenbosch University. Salim oversees the legal-related affairs within the organization.

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