Our Approach

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We mobilize and empower young, innovative change makers to solve rural and urban problems in Africa by providing tools and resources needed to help scale their impact and sustain quality results. We do this through serving as a connector to resources such funding, mentorship, consultation, and forums for learning and obtaining new information.

Area of Focus

We focus on the most promising and impactful industries that influence social change and sustainability in Africa. These industries include but are not limited to: Technology, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Health, and Education.

Our Change-makers

There are a growing number of young innovators and change makers contributing to innovation and development in Africa, whose stories often go untold. We seek to contribute in our own way, by endorsing the stories of Africa’s growth, strength and transformation by recognizing young people who are doing their part in addressing social, economic, or environmental challenges in Africa.

Our monthly spotlight showcase focuses on highlighting a young change maker, who demonstrates leadership, achievement, and contributes to development and innovation in Africa.


We partner with strategic alliances to host Impact Challenges to tackle real cases within the African ecosystem. Teams compete to address a real-life strategic challenge currently facing a particular area or industry on the continent.


We host events that enlighten, engage, and educate through educational forums and our annual summit.

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